Hello and welcome to my website!

My name is Denise Hall and I am the artist at Baby Bubbles Nursery.

I am wife to Jason & mother of our three beautiful children, our oldest daughter Agnetha, our son Anakin and our youngest daughter Eva.

We live in a lovely small town in South Wales in the UK.

I first started the art of reborning as a hobby in the year of 2008 but with time and dedication my babies have become very popular & my hobby has now turned into my full time job.

I have sold babies all over the world with so many happy customers and I love receiving all the good feedback on a regular basis. Ive even make dolls for television and film sets so i am very thankful that my artwork has been chosen

I love my job and the happiness it brings. I am very greatful to all my customers who enable me to keep creating beautiful life like dolls.