Reborn Doll Aftercare

Reborn dolls for children

Reborn dolls are not just Collector's items as a lot of artists will tell you, I sell a huge majority of my dolls for children, they make great gifts for children during the holidays and their birthday's for example. 

After investing in a beautiful reborn doll for your child, explain to them that these babies should be cared for like a real baby and children will generally understand from the age of 4 plus years. 

Most children who love their dolls will take care of them, Its also a great learning progress for children.

Some care instructions below:

Do not bath babies as this will damage them, you can clean dolls gently with a damp cloth only.

Keep pens away from the vinyl as you cannot remove pen marks from these dolls.

Keep away from dogs so they do not chew doll up.

Babies do not eat or drink or go to toilet.

If baby has rooted mohair, gently style and brush hair with either mohair spray, water and a soft baby brush. Realistic painted hair is usually more ideal for younger children.

Babies with a cuddly body are more ideal for younger children, babies with a full vinyl body can usually feel more stiff and more difficult to dress up and a lot more fragile to take care of.

A Little Information On How My Dolls Are Made

Babies Paint

Babies are painted with genesis heat set paints which are permanent & wont chip or fade. Paint is heat set in the oven after each layer.

baby will have realistic veining and skin tones.

Babies Body
Babies will have doe suede body which is weighted & filled with fine glass beads & luxury fibre fill.

Some babies will have a full vinyl body.


Eye colour of your choice for babies with eyes.

Babies Hair
I can micro root babies head with luxury mohair in the colour of your choice or leave baby bold or i can give your baby realistic painted hair, which will always look as good as new & will never get messy or fall out. Painted hair is ideal for a child. Babies will have micro rooted eyelashes, realistic painted eyebrows.

If you would like any advice on which hair (painted or rooted) would suit your chosen baby kit best then im here to help

I can reborn you a baby similar to any of the babies you can see in my gallery if you wish.

Photo / Portrait Babies

If you wanted me to make a baby similar to your baby photo please get in touch and send me in your pictures and then we can take a look to see if their are any babies suitable.

I only use the best quality materials with my lifelike dolls

Coming Home

Your baby will come home with a

blank birth certificate (so you can fill out babies birth details of your choice)

blank hospital wristband



1 x free magnetic hair bow

1 x free magnetic dummy / paci

just let me know if you do not wish to receive any of the magnetic dummy/paci or hairbow.

To order a baby get intouch with me by email [email protected] or through my contact us page. Im an experienced Artist of many years & have sold hundreds of babies all over the world.