About the Dolls

About my dolls

I have been reborning dolls for many years now and have created hundreds of lifelike and reborn dolls which have gone to live all over the world.
Perfect for all occasions, these stunning lifelike dolls are a precious and treasured gift. With ten tiny fingers and ten little toes, every detail is spectacularly lifelike.

I make a huge variety of dolls, so if you can't see what you want on this site, please get in contact. All of the dolls can be fully customised.

All dolls come with:

Flexible legs and arms (can move up and down)
Painted with permanent paint
Realistic skin tones
Delicate blushing and veining
Realistic painted eyebrows
Micro-rooted or painted hair, or bald depending on customisation
Brown micro-rooted eyelashes
Doe suede body or vinyl
A variety of sizes and looks
Standard newborn/baby size clothes (very easy to go clothes shopping for)
Realistic gloss nails
Moist-look lips and eyelids
Can be either boy or a girl as preferred
Weighted and smells like a real baby

Every doll will come home with:

Blank birth certificate
Magnetic dummy/pacifier*
Magnetic hair bow*
Baby outfit
Blank hospital wristband

You can also add:

Second magnetic pacifier* £10
Tummy plate from £49
Pierced ears with one pair of earrings £39
Beating heart £49
Baby voice £49

*Care needs to be taken around heart pacemakers due to magnets


You can choose every detail for your dream reborn or lifelike doll. You can choose to have it made to look like any of my previous dolls or we can discuss the details and look for me to reborn a unique lifelike doll just for you. I can also work from photographs.

Customisable options include:

Doll's size/age
Doll's gender
Doll's hair colour and type (realistic painted, bald or micro-rooted)
Doll's skin colour
Doll's eye colour if baby is awake

What my dolls are made of:

Most of the dolls have a doe suede body which is weighted and filled with fine glass beads and a luxury fibre filling. Some larger dolls have a vinyl skin and this will be detailed in the description. I only use the best quality materials with my lifelike dolls. I paint them with Genesis Heat Set Paints which are permanent and won't chip or fade.


Dolls can be micro-rooted with luxury mohair in the colour of your choice or can be left bald or I can give your doll realistic painted hair, which will always look as good as new and will never get messy or fall out. Painted hair is ideal if the doll is being given to a young child. All dolls will have micro-rooted eyelashes and realistic painted eyebrows.

Fully customised dolls usually take around 1-2 weeks to complete but can take longer. I can work quicker if you let me know when you need it by. I will email you photos of your completed doll before dispatch to check that you are happy with the final look.

I'm here to help you design your perfect doll so please get in contact if you have any questions.

= Payment

If you are purchasing a ready-made doll, please do so through this website. If you require customisation please get in contact so that we can discuss the details and agree on a price first.

You can also use this site to pay your initial deposit.

Deposits are non refundable as I use the deposit to purchase supplies.

Payment is by PayPal, credit or debit card, cash,  Bank Transfer.

Full balance must be paid before shipment of the doll.

I can also offer a short-term layaway plan for you to reserve your doll and pay in instalments.

Layaway plan:

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: I can provide a layaway plan for up to 4 months. How does layaway work? Contact me and let me know the amount you want to pay in each month. You can make weekly/monthly payments but a 30% deposit is required up front.

Deposits are non refundable. However, in the event that you cannot complete a layaway any further payments already made can be refunded once I am able to sell the doll.

I will only accept returns if you feel your doll was misrepresented or not as described. I try my best to ensure I have many clear photos including close up details, this is to give buyers the chance to make an informed decision on whether to buy. Buyers are encouraged to ask for more photos if they are not sure before buying. I do not accept returns for change of heart purchases or reasons due to personal taste. Payments are non refundable.

Thank you for your interest in my dolls, please contact me with any enquiries.

= Shipping

All dolls can be shipped worldwide.

Within the UK your doll with be sent insured by special delivery or courier.

Outside the UK your doll will be sent via courier with insurance.

You can calculate your postage costs using my Shop and selecting a country from the drop-down menu. If you are in any doubt or cannot get a quote for your country please contact me.

Please ensure you are aware of any customs fees that may be incurred during shipping. I cannot be held responsible for any import fees and taxes.


Reborn baby and lifelike dolls are not just collectors’ items. The majority of the dolls I make are given to children, especially as gifts for Birthdays and other celebrations. They are very durable, however to ensure your doll lasts for as long as possible, please read these care instructions fully to look after your doll:

After investing in a beautiful lifelike doll for your child, please explain to them that it should be cared for just like a real baby. Most children who love their dolls will take care of them and it is also a great learning progress for children.

Do not bath dolls or get them wet as this will damage them. You can clean dolls gently with a damp cloth only.
Keep pens away from the skin as you may not be able to remove marks.
Keep away from dogs so they do not chew doll up.
Lifelike dolls do not eat or drink or go to the toilet.
If the doll you have purchased has micro-rooted hair, you can gently style and brush the hair with either a specialist mohair spray or with a little water and a soft baby brush. Do not use any other chemicals on the hair.
All of my smaller dolls have a soft cuddly body which is ideal for younger children. Larger dolls have a full vinyl body which feels stiffer and is more fragile.


I am happy to customise any of my lifelike dolls to suit your requirements and have a much wider range of dolls available than you will find on this site. Please contact me to discuss the details and we can work together to create a beautiful customised lifelike doll especially for you.

Please use the contact us form on this website, or you can email me at [email protected]

Custom doll enquiries:

When getting in touch, so that I can respond quickly to your needs, please provide me with a little information about the type of doll you are looking for, such as:

The age/size of the doll
The country the doll should be shipped to
The budget you have
The timeframe you would like the doll made by
If you want to use the layaway plan, how many weeks or months you will need

Some examples of eyes you can choose from. many more colours available please just ask.
Some examples of eyes which you can choose from